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At ADL , the health , safety , and environmental  (HSE)  program  is  a top priority . It is a shared responsibility among all employees  and  management  to  ensure  that  all operations are conducted with the  highest  priority  placed  on  the welfare  of all personnel and the protection of the environment.

The company has a continuous obligation to provide a safe and hygienic workplace for its employees to carry out their  duties . ADL recognizes its role in promoting and supporting safe practices among its employees  and  subcontractors ,   and it is committed to preserving health, safety, and the environment in all its operations.

Preserving health , safety , and  the  environment is an integral component of ADL core business operations and it is a commitment that the company takes very seriously.

HSE Policy Objectives:

Objectives ARE:

  • Executing and concerning in the development of HSE system in operational and production facilities with adequate safe guards for ensuring the safety process.
  • Ensuring all the operational facilities and equipments maintained and operated by competent personnel's.
  • Corresponding and creating awareness on HSE matters among the employees, subcontractors and the vendors.
  • Understanding of Health, Safety and Environmental impacts associated with our operational activities and managed through most excellent usage of resources and diminution of waste and pollution.
  • Establishing and updating management, operational work procedure by ensuring on best industry practices, conducting inspections, investigations and regular monitoring of work place arrangements to be proactive.
  • Reporting on incidents, injuries, near miss and health issues. Updating the HSE indicator regularly.
  • Observing and constantly analyzing the impacts on health and safety of staff s and our impacts on environment, to identify actions for prevention, to expand strategies and to provide for developments to reduce HSE and economic risks.
  • Regular dedication for constantly developments of HSE Standards.