ADL Logistics



At ADL we are always committed to provide quality products and services that persistently meet the expectation and operational needs of our customers . We always believe in Team work , Integrity and Commitment . Promoting a high standard of quality culture right through the organization to every single personality of ADL.

We focus on business across the value chain are responsible accomplish quality objectives and constantly improving of our team and management systems of our organization. We will ensure acquiescence of the law and regulation of the country and the regulation which are applicable and will directly affect the HSE , Legality and Quality of services.



  • Work towards continual improvement in all operational and management areas
  • Improve quality with cost effective service
  • Establish measurable objectives at relevant operational areas and all level of discussion with process owners and other concerned patrons
  • Evaluating supplier's obligation towards quality by tracking their performance and leading them to match our expectations
  • Increasing the exploitation of preset solution and regularly maintaining of the same
  • Recruiting talented team, developing, providing training and explaining their individual roles and responsibilities.
  • Constantly monitoring and analyzing sustainable development indicators which will provide feedback to facilitate quality improvements against regional needs and expectations.